Why You Need To Have A Social Business Strategy

When you hear the word ‘social’ in the business context, the first thing that you will probably think about is the social media and social media marketing. These are widely used by SEOs and businesses in general to improve their scores and profits, and to reach their customers more easily. Customers are everything in today’s world, and showing them your inner workings and getting personal with them will significantly improve the chances of them choosing your product.

However, social business strategy is something that you might call completely different. Being in Australia, where the social aspects of running a business are blooming exponentially year after year, I have seen many people confuse these two. Social business strategy has nothing to do with customers. It is primarily concerned with your employees and their behavior on social networks. So, let’s answer the first question that is on your mind.

What is social business strategy?

Social business strategy is, to say it plainly and in one sentence, a strategy that helps your company and corporate thinking evolve, improves the internal preparedness of your organization, bridges the internal and the external social initiatives and creates a company that is more collaborative and values that are shared by everyone involved in the company (partners, customers and employees).

So, it is obvious that this strategy is concerned with the internal workings of the company, instead of the external workings that are a part of the social media marketing. Its primary concern is regulating the way your employees use social media in order to promote the company. It also regulates their training in social media responsibilities and instructs them how to share knowledge and culture that is related to your company. One of the major impacts that a social business strategy has is that it helps minimize the mistakes that your employees might make when engaging in social media for your company. As I have stated that I will provide some benefits of the social business strategy, here are a few things that should make you think about implementing a certain social strategy in your office.

Better content

Social content is the number one challenge for SEO experts and brand managers all around the globe. It is considered to be the most important thing in marketing today among many people who are into marketing, myself included. The main problem for SEOs is the quality and originality of the content that is being put forward. It is getting harder to find new sources and new ideas for original posts. Social business strategy can solve this problem, because it will help locate better content sources that are not available to everyone, such as the sources that come from your employees, partners and customers who love the brand and want to promote it further. Also, it will help streamline the said content and unite it into a single, flowing story that will be told by your company.

Customer relationships

Today, with the development of the Internet and social media, relationship with your customers has been brought onto a whole new level. You can now get more personal with them and should they have any complaints, they will be able to access you at anytime. So, having a social business strategy will help you form a better connection with your customers, because there will be people who are assigned to do just that, work in social media customer relations. As I said, interaction with the customers is always something that you should strive forward, and creating a strategy will allow the brand managers and people working in customer service to get feedback and, generally, interact with the customers in real-time. Responding to your customer’s problems in real-time (immediately) will help increase their loyalty and enables you to advocate your brand.

Better analytics

Because I’m working with social media marketing and search engine optimization, analytics is something that interests me very much. However, there are two problems with analytics in most social businesses, and that is that either no one is paying attention to the analytics, or everyone is paying attention to it, but according to different standards. There is no unified standard for analyzing social media activity and accomplishment, and everyone has their own theory. With social business strategy, this is eliminated. The strategy will create its own standards that everyone in the company will have to use, while making it obligatory to analyze what is already done. This is especially useful when a CMO of a company that works with a lot of brands asks for a report on what is done, because it will highlight all the engagement, community growth and share of voice achievement.

So, I can conclude that using a social business strategy is something that is highly recommended for businesses that operate with brands. It will help the SEOs and social media marketers to do their job better, because they will have the help of all employees. Since SEO is the primary form of marketing in Australia now, I can really say that there is no time to waste in implementing such a strategy.

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