Why Business Blogging Works

Nowadays blogs are turning into an appendage for businesses, giving rise to the new trend of business blogging. In this article, we will highlight 10 compelling reasons why business blogging works.

(1)  Increases business readership

If you see few business blogs started in the last couple of years, they were more promotional in nature. In other words, those blogs contained information about the business products and services. Blogs were self servicing in nature. However, post-2010 the trend has undergone significant change with business owners realizing the need for a ‘real’ blog that informs the reader and doesn’t force feed business products and services with every blog post. Therefore, business blogs are targeted to focus on their readership base with the purpose of imparting knowledge about the relevant business or industry.

(2)  It is a means of driving traffic.

Every business blog today has a blog. In fact, some of them are so well optimized that readers land on a particular blog page first and then go the homepage to view the business details. The homepage usually contains the business proposition like About, Pricing, Testimonials and Blog category. Good search engine optimized business blogs is a means of driving traffic.

(3)  It is not time consuming.

Unlike the typical blogging model where the blog is the main source of revenue generation, the business blogs are different. The business blogs are a supporting factor in the main business and not the main source of income generation. A business depends on various sources to earn; blogging is just a source among many. Therefore, business blogs are not time consuming. Usually businesses hire a blogger or outsource the task to write meaningful and business-relevant content per month and the business concentrates on wide promotion.

(4)  Helps to create social media buzz

There have been instances where businesses have been able to create social media buzz around its products because they harnessed the power of blogging. Sometimes businesses launch their blog before they go online with products. Using the blog, they connect with other authority bloggers in the same niche and strive to share the business blog content. Once they feel to have gained a sufficient presence online, they move on to second base, that is, formally launch their business products or services.

(5)  Use blog to build expert status

Business blogging is the best way to establish oneself as an expert or authority in any niche. This is an extension of the previous point. For instance, you want to start a business on selling self-made Thesis skins. You may find that even though there are a lot of Thesis skin sellers, there is no substantial authority figure on this and thus, you decide to use this opportunity to position your business brand as an authority figure. Once you do and then roll out business products, there is a higher chance of conversion.

(6)  Dependence on Free Classified websites

Most of the online businesses make use of free classified websites to display ads about their product and services. Often these ads are linked back to the business blog or the main business homepage. These ads successfully send meaningful traffic back to both categories and thus, their business blogging gains more relevance to offer a better ROI.

(7)  Be Visible on Search Engines

The main reason why business blogging works is because it helps to increase search engine visibility. You should be aware that Google, the major search engine, is taking steps to ensure relevancy in search engine results. To do this, one of their considerations is to rank active websites higher than others. Thus, if you use blogging for your business, you have higher chances of ranking higher than competition. Of course, to achieve this, you need on-page and off-page SEO expertise.

(8)  Not only B2C but B2B also

Business blogging not only helps in reaching out to consumers (B2C) but also helps to reach other businesses (B2B). In other words, a business can use blogging to reach both B2C and B2B models of online engagement. You could form partnerships, get invited to seminars, host webinars, issue business white papers and form other kinds of business alliances.

(9)  Get Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Through business blogging, you will come across customers who upon using your products or services become a loyal customer and loyal brand ambassador. Such is the power of business blogging. Blogging is a free networking medium. All you need to do is reach out to the right audience base and everything else falls into place.

(10) Better ROI (return on Investment)

The users of the business blogging model believe that it gives better ROI than other methods, comparatively. Think about it – if you believe in the product and it has USP, all you have to do is reach out to a buyer base. Blogging is one way to reach this buyer base and that too with less investment as compared to other paid advertising methods.

To conclude, business blogging is definitely a lucrative way to do ‘business’ because it actually works.


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