A friend of mine with a medical disorder of the spine recommended me an interesting app that’s very useful to people with back pains,  it can provide help when preparing for a doctor’s appointment.

THE SPINE APP is a guide for patients suffering from spine disease. I do believe that educating patients (and restricting doctors monopoly over medical knowledge) is the way to improve medicine. The app is free and has no ads in it.

The Spine App was created by a vetted spine doctor, an active and experienced neurosurgeon who invested most of his free time during the last 4 years in developing this project to help as many patients as possible.

If you are having back pains and wish to prepare yourself for a visit to your doctor or if you already know you’re suffering from a spinal condition but you would like to know more about what caused it and and the various existing treatments then you will certainly find the THE SPINE APP useful.

Currently the app is available in four languages – English, German, Russian and Bulgarian – and more languages will be available soon.

THE SPINE APP can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store by patients from all over the world and can be used to get detailed information about the causes of various spine diseases and the various treatments available.

With The Spine App you can find detailed info about the existing treatments of various spine diseases and  know if you need to contact a doctor about your spine problems and  also understand how to make decisions about surgery.

Download The Spine App For Free and get access to information about the most common spinal problems like: DEGENERATIVE SPINE DISEASE, SPINAL TRAUMA, INFLAMMATORY SPINE DISEASE, SPINAL TUMORS, DEFORMITIES & MALFORMATIONS and much more.

The app already has 5 stars reviews on Google Play Store and the official website is The Spine App .com

The App is also available in a web based version on The Spine App .com so you can get the same useful info by visiting their website using your desktop.

Their website has a user friendly layout and it’s easy to navigate between categories and find the right information for you.

There is also the option to convert the desired page into a pdf document if you wish to download and print the info for an offline use.

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