Don’t Make the Usual Mistakes

If you are starting your own business, even if you’ve got the idea and are ready to take the plunge, there are still lots of things to consider. If you don’t have a marketing strategy then you’re basically making it up as you go along. How are you going to get people to your website? Not just once but repeatedly. Have you got a brand identity? A professional website is worth its weight in gold. If yours is dull, then visitors are unlikely to remember it and come back a second time. Is it informative, exciting, and easy to navigate? A good design agency can do all of this for you and the results are definitely worth the investment.

How It Usually Begins

With the current high rates of unemployment and living standards continually being squeezed, the amount of people starting their own business is on the increase. Ambitions range from dipping a toe in to the world of commerce, putting your lifelong ambitions to the test, or simply turning your hobby in to your dream job. For some naive reason, we usually fall in to the trap of assuming our idea is brilliant and will sell itself. Everyone will love it, and we’ll all become millionaires whilst tapping away on our laptops! How wrong can you be!

What We Think We Should Do

In this digital age we all know every business has to be online. Firstly, we find out how to get our own website started. Even better you can do it yourself for free! Remember, you get what you pay for. Ok, done that. Next, you have to use social media, that’s what everyone’s talking about. Let’s start a Facebook business page, easy, done that too. Now sit back and wait for all those orders to come rolling in!

How Are We Doing?

Six months down the line. You’ve exhausted the client base, which if you’re honest is made up of friends and family. Who visits your website and Facebook page? You’re not sure, but it’s probably friends, so they can let you know how great it all looks, “very professional”, support which is gratefully received. A few friends of friends checking what you’re up to. A few other businesses that “like” your page in the hope that you will return the favour, but then you suspect they don’t bother to read your content, because you know that you don’t read theirs.

Marketing is a specialist skill, Digital marketing even more so. Whatever you read on the internet it’s a job best left to a professional company.

Image By Laperilla [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

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