Content Marketing Success through Storytelling

If you have been interested in marketing and have had considerable success with it, you know that merely staying on the radar hasn’t quite worked for anyone. So, you kept reinventing and innovating your local seo strategy, and that’s how you bumped into content marketing. You used all the tricks in your bag to ensure your content marketing endeavor keeps the competition at bay. But then, ‘staying on the radar’ and monotony caught up and you realized that even content marketing isn’t giving you same results anymore. So, what do you do then? You reinvent. And now, you inject Storytelling in your content marketing plan. Even before content marketing took over (even before it was heard), storytelling had worked for brands through various sources such as radio, television, newspapers, etc. And now, it has made a foray into content marketing. Apparently, it has made quite the entry! If you happen to be a digital marketer seeking new-fangled ways to market the content written in-house, storytelling would be the way to go.

What is Storytelling and How Does it Help You

To begin with, storytelling is recounting and sharing an experience you had with somebody or someone. That’s how you define it in the most elementary manner and that’s what you got to do with content marketing. When marketing is done in such a fashion, you give a personal touch tour your brand message and your campaign and manage to establish an instant connection with the customer. It goes without saying that the story must be convincingly good enough and impactful to establish that connection. When you are giving your potential customer to read something, it’s supposed to make him curious. Filling the content with maudlin impulses with only bore him down and make repel your website and brand. Boil the content with interesting storytelling antics. If you weave a fascinating story around your brand, and if it ends up going viral, it would hardly take any time for your brand to perch its way at the top of your reader’s mind. Consequentially, it won’t take much time either for you to climb the popularity charts in the upper management ranks!

How Do You Create it

As they do in plays, movies and TV advertisements, you begin with create a setting. Once you have a canvas right in front of you, it will be easier to figure out how you can paint it for bringing out the best of colors and effects. You can begin with a sentence like, “in the summer of 1995”, and there you have established a foundation. Segue on to telling your story from here by creating a character who shares his experience with the audience. Bring the past back and recount something that had a significant impact on you – significant enough that you have it firmly imprinted on your memory. Make the whole storytelling exercise interactive so that you are talking directly to the reader, instead of making them feel they are reading some sort of yawn-inducing essay. The audience should be made to feel a part of the story. And if you happen to be the narrator, do not forget to also include yourself as one of the characters of the story. Do not extensively talk about introducing the characters and cut to the chase as soon as you can. Like all great stories in the world, suspense would take you far. The more intriguing is your suspense, more you draw in the reader to your story, and more time he spends absorbing it. Everything between commencement and conclusion must have a degree of curiosity and unpredictability to keep the reader guessing. And once you break the suspense, make sure you break it with robust facts and findings. Do not let the audience groan with disagreement and displeasure. The conclusion is arguably the most important part of your story. Even if there were certain grey areas in the middle, a crackerjack of a climax will more than make up for it. Moreover, it will make your audience discuss the story and pave way for word-of-mouth marketing. If you manage to achieve all of the above with a precision, you are rest assured to perch yourself on a blazing trail to success.

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