Rock Workshop

This website is about how to Get Rich to Live Like A Rock Star. It contain useful article about how to make money, how to save money, how to invest money and where to spend money.

We also wanted to create a website where you the user can access honest and independent music reviews where the reviewer tells it like it is. If an album rocks, we’ll tell you about it. If an album stinks, we’ll tell you all about that too.

The intention of the website is to present music reviews in a way that stimulates debate and we actively encourage you, the reader to get involved and give us some music reviews of your own. You can easily do this by filling out the comment box underneath each music review. We also invite you to give us your thoughts on the sight as a whole. There’s no excuse not to get involved!

The thing about music is that opinion is always subjective. What’s sounds good to us might be an offence to your ears! All we can say is that the opinions and ratings provided are honest and not driven by any sinister ulterior motive.

New and Upcoming Artists

In addition to music reviews, we provide a platform for new and upcoming artists. So if you’re an artist, in a band or if there’s an artist or band you’d like us to know about, please do so using the contact box at the bottom of this page.

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